Earlier this month, we hosted our second Mini Maker Weekend, “Project FUNway: Make it Work!” This weekend of STEAM-centered programming focused on self-expression, creation, and experimentation through fashion design.

We set up our Maker Workshop in the Common, where kids and families completed different making challenges. Using vegetables and tempera paint, makers created their own textiles and patterns. We also busted out our sewing machine for mini makers (with the help of grown-ups) to snip, sew, and tie their own up-cycled t-shirts. Young and old designers alike practiced their needlework on two giant burlap collaborative sewing boards. Visitors enjoyed sketching outfit designs at our camouflage station where we challenged them to create a look that would blend into an outdoor scene. To accessorize their looks, some visitors participated in a paper bead making workshop in our Studio space.

However the most beloved activity of the weekend wasn’t anything that involved needles, machines, sketchbooks, or even vegetables. Our “Dress to Express” dress-up corner truly stole the show. From toddlers to teens, our mini makers relished the chance to assemble a ‘look’ and try it out in front of everyone. Kids used everything from royal robes to Darth Vader masks to express themselves, strike a pose, and make each other smile.

We loved this opportunity to design, dress up, and try something new with our visitors. We hope to continue to #MakeItWork with you at Boston Mini Maker Faire on September 17!