In the wake of Boston Mini Maker Faire 2017, the maker momentum keeps rolling here at the Boston Children’s Museum. This summer and fall, we connected our visitors to a number of makers through a brand new program: The Tech Kitchen.

The Tech Kitchen brings together families and local Innovators (makers, technology companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, inventors, start-ups, local universities, etc.). Innovators are invited, free of charge, to share their prototypes, newest products, or favorite technologies in The Tech Kitchen with some of the over 500,000 adults and children who visit the Museum each year. Museum visitors to the Tech Kitchen get the chance to meet local thought leaders, and gain access to technologies they likely have only heard of. And the Museum is thrilled to be the connector, providing a space where innovation and inspiration meet.

Over the past few months, innovators have worked with our visitors to prototype video games, electronic equipment, state-of-the-art building blocks, and Unruly Splats—just to name a few highlights. We invite any tech-inclined makers to apply for spots in the Tech Kitchen through our online application. Happy making!


In October, local innovators from Unruly Studios came to prototype their active STEAM game, Unruly Splats, in the Tech Kitchen. Photo by Alissa Daniels.