Recently declassified – Alien intelligence report on Earth

A long time (4 Billion years) ago, in a galaxy not very far away (Milky Way), a life-sustaining planet called Earth came into existence. Earth has seen many different organisms and climates, and is today dominated by a species called humans. As humans have gone about organizing, distributing, and consuming land and resources on Earth, the passing of time has created an evolved human species that has recently strived for peace and progress. In the far reaches of the Northeast corner of the United States of America lies a city called Boston. In recent centuries, Boston has emerged as a city of humans that are constantly working, innovating, and exploring the reach of human knowledge and creativity: Constantly Making.

Boston is perhaps the most influential human city in making medical discoveries and pursuing scientific explorations in health care. Not only does Boston have top-ranked-on-Earth hospitals (human healing centers), but Boston has been pivotal in exploring how humans can fight diseases and live longer healthier lives. In this way, Boston makes the human species more formidable on a cosmic scale.

A significant factor in humanity’s recent acceleration in advancements has been the prioritization of sharing information and knowledge, which humans call Education. As humans have improved their surroundings, their children have needed to gain more knowledge to maintain the improvement. Boston is one of the primary education centers on Earth. Boston hosts some of the planet’s most well-regarded universities and education systems, and students who gain knowledge in these institutions make a significant positive impact on humanity and Earth.

Due to the educational systems in Boston, the city also has many companies (groups of people) that use well-educated humans to provide value for other humans. In recent times of accelerated human advancement, Boston has furthered its reputation as a leader in making new products and services available to the planet.

Perhaps my favorite insight into humanity on Earth has been its inclination towards making and creating outside the realm of necessity or survival: a large portion of humans create different things and experiences simply for their own sake, to be enjoyed or appreciated by the creators or by other humans. Such creative expression is called Art. On a cosmic level, you may be questioning the productivity and value of such a concept like art, but let me assure you: humanity has needed art to get to where they have arrived today. The many forms of art have served as distractions from hardships, social lubricants, and have overall united the species in an understanding of their shared experience. Boston exists today as a shining example of the symbiosis between art and innovation.

To all non-Earthers reading this, allow me to say this: Boston is a city that represents much of humanity’s ideals and plans for the future. To better understand humanity on this planet, you may want to disguise yourself as a human and visit the Boston Mini Maker Faire, which is a celebration of everything Boston and humanity stands for: curiosity, innovation, education, and art. You can find out more HERE, or if you are unfamiliar with humanity’s ways, send me a SpacePing and I’ll register you.

-Report by cosmic designation: N31L-T