As you might imagine, a lot of time, effort, and creativity goes into crafting the Boston Mini Maker Faire and making it such a phenomenal event. The other critical piece of this puzzle is the generous support of our sponsors. We wanted to take a moment to both thank our sponsors and hear from them about why their organizations have chosen to invest in STEAM programming like the Boston Mini Maker Faire. Perhaps not surprisingly, we learned that our sponsors deeply understand the importance of supporting young learners in developing their STEAM skills and encouraging them to dream big STEAM futures!

Here’s what some of our Boston Mini Maker Faire 2018 sponsors had to say about why STEAM is important to them.

 “BNY Mellon is committed to building the next generation’s technology skills and innovative thinking to contribute to society in a digital world,” shared Heidi DuBois, Global Head of Philanthropy and Corporate Social Responsibility at BNY Mellon. “The Mini Maker Faire offers children the opportunity to engage in activities designed to recognize patterns, develop problem-solving and other essential skills. We are proud to partner with the Museum on this community event that many of our employees will be attending with their families.”

-Heidi DuBois, BNY Mellon

 At BOSEbuild, we believe that hands-on exploration is the key to sparking a child’s curiosity. When kids build something with their own hands and experience it with their own senses, it does more than just teach – it inspires. BOSEbuild products let kids explore the science of sound and hearing, by making a Bose® Bluetooth® Speaker or a Headphone.  They can then use their creativity to personalize it with colors and covers. Our hands-on activity will show you what it takes to make sound, and showcase what is at the heart of every speaker.  And also teach you how your ears work with that sound and why you need to protect them.”


“Designers use STEAM knowledge every day. Science, technology, engineering, art, and math are the building blocks for all designs, dictating how well a design works, how it looks, and how it is made.”


“Over the last year, the Vertex Learning Lab has incorporated science-inspired visual art activities into its STEM curriculum. These STEAM projects allow students the opportunity to develop their creative “muscles” and have an alternative way to reflect on the STEM principles they are learning. Creativity is at the heart of STEM and it is necessary for innovation and discovery.  Art integration also provides a chance for students to apply their problem-solving and collaboration skills in a different context.  We know that hands-on experiences are the best way to engage the next generation of inventors, researchers, doctors and leaders, and the arts is another critical area which we are glad to help Boston students develop.”


The Museum, in collaboration with Make: MagazineWBZ | CBS BostonBoston Public SchoolsCity of Boston, and partners Artisan’s Asylum and NE FIRST welcome sponsors Autodesk BUILD SpaceBNY MellonBoseGoogleMathWorksNational Grid, and Vertex Pharmaceuticals who have all come together to make the Boston Mini Maker Faire possible.